Dear Customer,

We now have new opening times for the technical hotline.

If you require technical information, you can reach us on telephone number 01 80 - 5 65 88 32 but only from Tuesday to Thursday from 18:00 to 20:00. Please send us your orders and enquiries preferably by e-mail to or free-of-charge by fax to 08 00 - 3 65 88 32. Our Online Shop stocks the most common PVL components which you can order quite easily through the shop. As PVL products are ordered by our customers in very many different variants, it is possible that the variant you require will have a delivery of up to 4 weeks. This applies to all products which are not available in the Online Shop. Please take this into account in your schedule.

In order to remain competitive, we have had to re-organise our PVL business for 2006. Unfortunately, we are also affected by the usual price increases and have therefore had to increase our prices for PVL products by approx. 5% from 1.1.2006.

With immediate effect, only the prices in the EBAY Shop still apply, all other price lists are no longer valid.

Our current range of PVL products is available in the EBAY Shop. For bargain hunters we also have an EBAY auction where we provide the opportunity to purchase German PVL brand products at low prices.

We specialise in supplying best-seller ignitions and can only supply unusual and special orders at the manufacturer's standard delivery of 3 to 4 weeks. Please take this into account in your planning. Our sales are based exclusively on payment in advance, this also applies to traders.

Traders only receive a trade discount from us if they order 5 complete systems of their choice e.g. rotors, stators and ignition coils for Simsons in one order. Please ask for trade prices at by e-mail.

We would like to thank all our traders and customers who purchase PVL products from us for their valued collaboration and wish them all a prosperous 2006.

New installation and tuning instructions for PVL ignitions
are available (PDF download)

New Online Shop

Visit our Online Shop. We are updating our 2006 range and are offering many items at bargain prices. Grab yourself a bargain if you require tuning parts for motor scooters, motorbikes, scooters, quads, ATVs, buggies, go-karts and accessories.
Check out our special prices for vehicles such as e.g. Adly GK-125 R KartBuggy on, which you can also purchase in kit form.

New digital ignition coil with ignition curves tried and tested a thousand times.

The new digital ignition coil combines the ignition curves of analogue ignition coils 458100 and 479100 tried and tested a thousand times so that it is possible for every tuner, every racing driver to test both analogue variants with one system. This can also take place whilst driving, as the ignition timing curves can be changed during operation. The green connecting cable must be connected to earth for this purpose.

General installation and tuning instructions available as PDF

More Infos

Generator ignition system - PVL System 650 FIRE

The generator ignition system recently developed by PVL is designed with those people in mind, who need a modern, digital ignition system with power and battery charging. A great deal of attention was paid to the highest quality and maximum flexibility during development. The System 650 will be available in different variants, however, only a basic variant is available at present. A new low-cost variant is at the planning stage and also a variant for engines with low rpm (approx. 6000 rpm).

More Infos

Comprehensive parts catalogues are available for download.

As a general rule, due to high demand we have decided to make parts catalogues for motorbikes, scooters and two-wheeler spares available for you to download.

As the catalogues come from various sources, you will find several files subdivided according to subjects e.g. motor scooter parts.

Choose your parts at your leisure and specify by e-mail or fax the item numbers of the parts you require, the quantity you require of each item and the catalogue page. You will then receive your own personal quote accordingly.

The price depends on the quantity and therefore it might be a good idea for you to act as an order co-ordinator and place just one combined order for yourself and your biker friends. Compare our quote and you will see that we offer top prices. We endeavour to deliver as quickly as possible, but due to the colossal number of items (approx. 100,000) we are unable to keep all items in stock. However, this has a positive effect on pricing. Prior to ordering, please read our General Business Terms & Conditions